London – A city with many faces

As I was in London with my family a few weeks ago, we decided it was time for us to discover some new parts of the city, places we haven’t been to before.

In a magazine we read something about an upcoming borough of London called Hackney.

Hackney is located north-easterly of the center of London and you can reach it easily with the bus or the tube.
In the beginning it’s “low” rents had attracted many students and artists to move there. With the time Hackney became “The New Inn Place to Be” with it’s colourful streets, parks, markets and modern and vintage designer stores.

As we first got out of the train we thoughed we were wrong, but as we left the train area, we came closer to some modern buildings and museums and we knew that we were right.

Everywhere we went, we saw young people hanging around, skating, eating, shopping, lying in the parks, taking photos. You could feel the artistic touch flying in the air. It was such a lovlely trip.
Our first stop was the restaurant “Lardo”. And this was the best desicion we could have ever made.
The food was so delicious!
Because of the fact that we were in some weird time between breakfast and lunch we orderd different appetisers like Antipasti and salads, but also coffee and one of the best Tiramisus’ I have ever eaten in my whole life.

After we were invigorated we continued our way to the Broadway Market Highway.

Sadly we went to Hackney on a Wednesday so we weren’t able to experience one of it’s famous markets… but it was still nice strolling around the streets and looking into all the little different stores on the Highway.
Stores you should definitely visit if you are interested in art are the two bookshops on the left side of the street. The first one is the Artswords Bookshop and the second one the Broadway Book Shop.

So if you are in London go and explore Hackney. You will love it!



Broadway Market Highway
Broadway Market Highway
left: Cat & Mutton - Public House & Dining Room right: Radio - Hair Salon & Gallery
left: Cat & Mutton – Public House & Dining Room
right: Radio – Hair Salon & Gallery
Fin & Founder - Fish Store
Fin & Founder – Fish Store
From the inside of the Fin & Founder - Fish store
From the inside of the Fin & Founder – Fish store

IMG_3433   IMG_3441


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