Making a confession

Good morning everyone.

Yesterday my week of living as a vegan ended.

And I can tell you that it was much harder than I imagined. There were so many allures after every corner waiting for me.

What I realized far too late was, that my change of eating habit didn’t only affect myself, that it wasn’t only my decision to make, but also my family’s and that of the people around me.

I couldn’t demand eating vegan from everybody else, just because I wanted to try it out. So what I found really difficult, was to not eat normal cheese or butter because my mum didn’t want to buy a completely new basic configuration of food.

Instead of cow milk I drank almond, oat or soya milk. And my experience was that the soya milk tasted the best with coffee. But the others were also perfectly fine for any Kind of baking.

So after this one week of vegan eating I realized that this kind of a big change of habit isn’t something you can just try out of the blue. Changing your complete eating habit takes a lot of preparation, time and talking to your beloveds.

I’m thinking about giving it another go once I have moved out and there is nobody to be considerate of.

And until then I’ll eat healthily as I was doing before and eat vegan as often as possible.
If you think about getting vegan, I hope I was able to help you a bit with your decision and didn’t scare you off too much.



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