“The Holiday” in Shere

For many years now “the holiday” is one of my favourite movies…

As I was in England a few weeks ago, staying with my friends, they told me that they knew the place where the movie “the holiday” was shot and that it was only 20 minutes by car from their house.

So one day as we were just chilling at home, we decided to go there.

The english village used for the movie is called Shere, in Surrey, and it is one of the cutest villages I have ever been to. Of course the movie company changed a lot of the shops in the streets to create a completly new place, but you can still recognise so much out of the movie.

After we have stoped by a café where I ate one of the best banana walnut cakes, we went up that little path next to the church where Cameron Diaz used to walk, across the field, to the cosy cottage.

Sadly the movie producers weren’t allowed to build a real house because of some laws so they had to cut all their settings back to normal, but it was still nice standing there imagining Jude Law bumping into you any minute.

So if you are a fan of “the holiday” and live somewhere in Surrey, you should come to Shere one day and combine your afternoon tea with a nice walk through a lovely landscape and visit the field where the cottage was built up.



The Café & Deli “The Dabbling Duck”

A shelf full of yummines (sorry for not showing you a photo of my delicous walnut banana cake but I totally forgot to take a photo before I ate it)

For our little walk I grabbed myself a coffee. It was one of those rare occasions where I got to drink a good cappuccino instead of tea.

 A wonderful view over the rolling mountains of Surrey


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