Rome you stole my heart!

It’s crazy how fast you can fall in love with a new place.
This was my first trip to Rome and I am sure it won’t be my last one. I experienced so many great things, I don’t even know where to start.

First of all when you come from a city where it is always hectic and there is always running around, you are just overwhelmed by the Italian friendliness and their relaxed way of life. Just as my friend and I stopped on the street to have a look at our map, an old Italian lady stopped and asked if we needed any help finding our way. You don’t find that openness and kindness that often!

Then of course the beautiful Roman culture and history you pass on every street corner. I have never been to a city where you can find that many historical buildings, so many things to visit, without having to go to a Museum or for a matter of fact without having to pay anything to see it. Of course there are many touristy places in Rome and tourist attractions you have to wait in awfully long queues (like the Colosseum or the Vatican) but if you get the hang of it you can easily avoid those crowds.

And last but not least, the Italian food. Oh my word I haven’t tasted such good pasta in a looong time! The homemade pasta you get when you go to the right places are amazing and a good meal with several dishes doesn’t even cost that much.

I will soon publish some photos and tell you more about what you can do in Rome but for the beginning this beautiful view of the rooftops of Rome has to be enough.




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