When in Rome … do as the Romans do

Hello everyone!

As promised, I am now going to tell you, what you can do in Rome, what buildings you have to see and which restaurants you should go to.

For my friend and me it was important that we don’t only visit the tourist attractions in Rome, but that we experience the Roman life. So because of that, we decided to take things more easily by walking through the streets of Rome and enjoying most of the sights from the outside.

…Except for the Colloseum. This attraction we couldn’t miss and it was definitely the right decision, as you get access with your ticket not only to the Colloseum itself, but also to the Forum Romanum. With some  fantasy you can  imagine the old Romans walking around, dressed in their “Togas”, watching the battles and betting on their favourite gladiators. Walking on such ancient grounds was an amazing experience.

When you want to go to the Colloseum you should make sure to be there early in the morning, as soon as they open their gates at 8:30 am, as the queues are’t that long then. You should also take your passport with you as EU citizens under the age of 25 only have to pay 7,50 € for their ticket. Non citizens do have to pay the regular price of 12 €, which isn’t too much either I think. 

The old Forum Romanum

If you are staying in the quarter Testaccio you should definitely check out the “Testaccio Food Market”. This market is the perfect place for every fresh food lover. They also have a little café called “L’Angolo del Caffè” where you can eat a typical Italian breakfast. The market is open every day except for Sundays.

A wall painting near the Testaccio Food Market

The best dinner I had, was at the “Taverna Lucifero”. It is the perfect restaurant to experience the Roman kitchen. You can start with a little apperitiv and then make your way through the Italian cuisine, starting with some delicous antipasti, followed by a primo piatto and a secondo piatto and topping your perfekt dinner off with a delicious dessert (my favourite one was the Tiramisu). After you are done eating you can finish your dinner with a glass of a typical italian liquor, the “Limoncello”. But I have to warn you. This liquor is only for people who like sweet drinks and lemon  juice of course. 

So as we speak about an Italian city with it’s incredible tastly food, there also has to be an ice cream involved. And I think I am not wrong when I say, that my friend and I have found the best ice cream store in whole Rome. The name of the “Gelateria” is “Gelateria del Teatro” and I haven’t had such good ice cream for a long time. Please try out their flavours “Coffee”, ” Cheese, Almond and Fig” and “Cheese and Cherry”. Those are the ice scubs I went for and they were fantastic. But also the flavours “Chocolate and Red Wine”, “Pistachio” and “Mago” aren’t to be underestimated.

Apart from the Colloseum we saw many beautiful old buildings in Rome by just walking around, some really nice squares and by coincidence we passed by the most amazing viewing points ever.

After a long day in the heat, my friend and I discovered this cool rooftop bar right next to the Spanish Steps. It was the perfect stop during the early evening to have a drink, relax and to enjoy this beautiful view.

I can’t say anything else about Rome than that I enjoyed every second of my stay and I think that Rome is worth much more than just one visit.

I hope you find my tips helpful,



The Capitol


Fontana di Trevi by night




Gelateria del Teatro: Via dei Coronari, 65 and Lungotevere dei Vallati, 25

L’Angolo del Caffè: Via Alessandro Volta 65, Testaccio


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