A relaxing evening on the countryside – Paris

Of course we all love Paris and everything that the city brings with it. But isn’t an evening on the countryside nice as well?

Sometimes you just have to pack your belongings and escape the crazy Parisian traffic, noises and crowds. So why don’t call your friends and drive about 50 minutes by car to the country house “Le bar de la Plage”.

Nearly every Saturday night they host concerts, where one or more newcomers perform. The music changes between Indie, Pop, Jazz, Soul and many more genres.

Somehow the owners and the solo artist Thomas Brun, who organise those kind of evenings, always manage to creat such cosy and relaxing atmospheres, that you forget about all of your problems and timelines at home and are able to enjoy a fun evening with friends.

I can’t say anything more than it is simply the perfect place to go and creat some unforgettable memories with your friends… And if the driver had too many drinks at the bar you can also set up your tent in the backyard of the house as it is connected to a camping site.

“Le bar de la Plage” even has a natural swimming pool for all the adventurers out there who aren’t put off by some cold water.

I hope you will give it a try.




P.S. As I forgot to take my camera with me that evening I was only able to take some pictures with my mobile phone. Even though the quality is really bad I uploaded some of them to give you an impression of the atmosphere and the artists I got to see.

r. Noémie Wonder, l. Elie Richa

Lousie Fischer
Thomas Brun, solo artist and organiser of the “L’open mic du Bar de la Plage n.16”

Here is the link to the Facebook page of “Le bar de la Plage” where you can also check out some photos but especially their newest and upcoming events: https://m.facebook.com/lebardelaplage/



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