New Year’s Resolution – Just be yourself

Another year is coming to an end and a new one is waiting just around the corner, with all it’s surprises to sweep us off our feet.

Every time when a year is about to end, we review all our actions, thinking of all the things we wanted to do and of all those we didn’t. We are making new lists, with new goals, for the year to come including those we planned to do last year.

But do we always have to try to change ourselves into someone we aren’t? Can’t we just be pleased with who we are or what we achieve?

Of course, life would be boring if we never tried to manage new tasks, if we wouldn’t try to challenge ourselves once in a while, but we shouldn’t slam ourselves down just because we couldn’t do everything we planned, we didn’t manage every single task or because we couldn’t keep up to the high standards set by society.

If we always doubt ourselves and never take a moment to be proud of our achievements we are never going to find peace. And on top of everything, by doing so, we even stop ourselves from doing anything new.

So here is my one and only goal for 2017… Be comfortable with myself, with the things I do and take life a bit easier. And by being comfortable and relaxed, I hope that everything will fall into place and that some of those problems -created by too much pressure and lack of time- will solve themselves.





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