Mein erster zweisprachiger Blogpost – My first bilingual blog post

Meine Muttersprache ist deutsch. Warum also nicht meinen deutschen Lesern einen kleinen Vorteil verschaffen? Von nun an werde ich deswegen versuchen, alle Beiträge sowohl auf englisch, als auch auf deutsch zu schreiben. Continue reading “Mein erster zweisprachiger Blogpost – My first bilingual blog post”


Vegan breakfast nr° 2 – a homemade crunchy banana muesli

This muesli has become one of my favorite things to eat in the morning as it gives you so much good energy for the entire day. It can also be combined in so many different ways so it never gets boring.

You can either eat it natural with any kind of milk or yoghurt you like to bring out the flavors even better, – here  is where you can decide whether you want to keep it vegan or not… for those of you, whom’s new year’s resolution it is to turn their eating habit around – add some fruits or sprinkle it on a yummy smoothie bowl. Continue reading “Vegan breakfast nr° 2 – a homemade crunchy banana muesli”

New Year’s Resolution – Just be yourself

Another year is coming to an end and a new one is waiting just around the corner, with all it’s surprises to sweep us off our feet.

Every time when a year is about to end, we review all our actions, thinking of all the things we wanted to do and of all those we didn’t. We are making new lists, with new goals, for the year to come including those we planned to do last year.

But do we always have to try to change ourselves into someone we aren’t? Can’t we just be pleased with who we are or what we achieve? Continue reading “New Year’s Resolution – Just be yourself”

I am back!

So here I am, back again on my blog, plucking up the courage to publish my first post after almost 1 year.
Last time I tried to start blogging things just got a bit out of control. I spent way too much time on creating this little space of my own, time I didn’t really have on my hand. And as I was about to start my final year at school and my education just had a higher priority back then, my family and friends talked some senses into me and I made the decision to wait for another year before I would take things further. I used that year to make sure I was really up to this whole blogging thing and to see if I would still be interested in it after a break.

So a couple of weeks ago I had my official graduation party and I am now free to do whatever I like whenever I want.

Well and since I am sitting here, in front of my laptop writing to you guys, I am sure you can guess how my inner discussion about starting a real blog went like. Continue reading “I am back!”


How to reach out to me:

If you have any questions on my work, feedback you’d like to give me or if you’d like to contact me for any partner work, event invitations, product delivery or other cooperations feel free to write me an e-mail to the following adress:

I’m looking forward to reading your message.


Hello World

Hello World.

A long time ago I discovered my joy over reading other people blogs and I started following their daily news.
Ever since it was quite plain to me that I’d like to create my own little space in the internet to share my impressions and ideas with the world and to inspire other people and to arouse their interest for the things I love.

Finally two weeks ago, after a long time of preparation and thinking, I worked up the courage to build up this site and since then I hit the ground running to get ready for publishing my first blog.
So here it is, in the form of an introduction of me to you, to the world.

Follow me on my way across the world, searching for the little things, the special bits and bobs of life, that are waiting to be found.

With love,