Last Minute Christmas Shopping in Paris

Wir alle kennen das Problem.
Weihnachten rückt immer näher und diese ganzen tollen Geschenkideen, die man sich im Laufe des Jahres überlegt hat, wollen einem einfach nicht mehr einfallen.

Wo kann man also besser ein “Last-Minute”-Geschenk finden, als in der “Galeries Lafayette”. Continue reading “Last Minute Christmas Shopping in Paris”


A relaxing evening on the countryside – Paris

Of course we all love Paris and everything that the city brings with it. But isn’t an evening on the countryside nice as well?

Sometimes you just have to pack your belongings and escape the crazy Parisian traffic, noises and crowds. So why don’t call your friends and drive about 50 minutes by car to the country house “Le bar de la Plage”.

Nearly every Saturday night they host concerts, where one or more newcomers perform. The music changes between Indie, Pop, Jazz, Soul and many more genres. Continue reading “A relaxing evening on the countryside – Paris”

Le Marais… – Paris

… or also called the Jewish quarter of Paris is definitely my most favourite “Place to be” in Paris.

Needless to say that it has the same beautiful architecture as the rest of Paris, but it also has the coolest and trendiest shops, cafés and restaurants of the whole city.

I guess it is just the fact that every corner is so different and there are so many exciting things to discover that has always dragged me back to this quarter. You can spend many days there without ever getting bored. Continue reading “Le Marais… – Paris”

Montmartre and the Rue d’Abbesses – Paris

When the sun has just come out and you can still smell the morning dust in the air, you should make your way through the streets of Montmartre. Starting with a little hike up to the Sacre Coeur where you should take your time to soak in that incredible view over Paris. Through the leaves of some trees you can sometimes hush a look on the “Tour Eiffel”. Continue reading “Montmartre and the Rue d’Abbesses – Paris”

When in Rome … do as the Romans do

Hello everyone!

As promised, I am now going to tell you, what you can do in Rome, what buildings you have to see and which restaurants you should go to.

For my friend and me it was important that we don’t only visit the tourist attractions in Rome, but that we experience the Roman life. So because of that, we decided to take things more easily by walking through the streets of Rome and enjoying most of the sights from the outside. Continue reading “When in Rome … do as the Romans do”

Rome you stole my heart!

It’s crazy how fast you can fall in love with a new place.
This was my first trip to Rome and I am sure it won’t be my last one. I experienced so many great things, I don’t even know where to start.

First of all when you come from a city where it is always hectic and there is always running around, you are just overwhelmed by the Italian friendliness and their relaxed way of life. Just as my friend and I stopped on the street to have a look at our map, an old Italian lady stopped and asked if we needed any help finding our way. You don’t find that openness and kindness that often!

Then of course the beautiful Roman culture and history you pass on every street corner. Continue reading “Rome you stole my heart!”

“The Holiday” in Shere

For many years now “the holiday” is one of my favourite movies…

As I was in England a few weeks ago, staying with my friends, they told me that they knew the place where the movie “the holiday” was shot and that it was only 20 minutes by car from their house.

So one day as we were just chilling at home, we decided to go there.

The english village used for the movie is called Shere, in Surrey, and it is one of the cutest villages I have ever been to. Of course the movie company changed a lot of the shops in the streets to create a completly new place, but you can still recognise so much out of the movie. Continue reading ““The Holiday” in Shere”