I am back!

So here I am, back again on my blog, plucking up the courage to publish my first post after almost 1 year.
Last time I tried to start blogging things just got a bit out of control. I spent way too much time on creating this little space of my own, time I didn’t really have on my hand. And as I was about to start my final year at school and my education just had a higher priority back then, my family and friends talked some senses into me and I made the decision to wait for another year before I would take things further. I used that year to make sure I was really up to this whole blogging thing and to see if I would still be interested in it after a break.

So a couple of weeks ago I had my official graduation party and I am now free to do whatever I like whenever I want.

Well and since I am sitting here, in front of my laptop writing to you guys, I am sure you can guess how my inner discussion about starting a real blog went like. Continue reading “I am back!”


“The Holiday” in Shere

For many years now “the holiday” is one of my favourite movies…

As I was in England a few weeks ago, staying with my friends, they told me that they knew the place where the movie “the holiday” was shot and that it was only 20 minutes by car from their house.

So one day as we were just chilling at home, we decided to go there.

The english village used for the movie is called Shere, in Surrey, and it is one of the cutest villages I have ever been to. Of course the movie company changed a lot of the shops in the streets to create a completly new place, but you can still recognise so much out of the movie. Continue reading ““The Holiday” in Shere”

Overnight Oatmeal

This is a delicious breakfast I discovered a few months ago. There are so many possibilities to combine it after you figured out how to do the basic so it never does get boring.

It is perfectly suitable for everyone who has to leave the house early in the morning and doesn’t have time to eat his breakfast at home.  Continue reading “Overnight Oatmeal”

A perfect breakfast for fall and winter

Good morning everyone!

As I thought about what I should make myself for breakfast this morning, I felt like a nice sweet treat before starting work.

A few days ago I came across a recipe where they used frozen banana to lose up the banana mash. So I thought I would give it a try. But because of the fact that I didn’t have any frozen banana but a fresh one I had to cheat a bit.

And what came out was so delicious I had to share it with you.

This fruit mash is a combination of smooth, cold, warm, soft, sweet, exotic and light, what makes it a perfect breakfast to kick off the day.

It is really easy to make and it only takes you a few minutes of preparation.

A plus point for all vegan friends is that you only use fresh fruit, chia seeds and cinnamon, so no milk nor sugar.

Continue reading “A perfect breakfast for fall and winter”


How to reach out to me:

If you have any questions on my work, feedback you’d like to give me or if you’d like to contact me for any partner work, event invitations, product delivery or other cooperations feel free to write me an e-mail to the following adress:


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Hello World

Hello World.

A long time ago I discovered my joy over reading other people blogs and I started following their daily news.
Ever since it was quite plain to me that I’d like to create my own little space in the internet to share my impressions and ideas with the world and to inspire other people and to arouse their interest for the things I love.

Finally two weeks ago, after a long time of preparation and thinking, I worked up the courage to build up this site and since then I hit the ground running to get ready for publishing my first blog.
So here it is, in the form of an introduction of me to you, to the world.

Follow me on my way across the world, searching for the little things, the special bits and bobs of life, that are waiting to be found.

With love,